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Lisa Franzen-Castle, PhD, RD

I received my Ph.D. in 2009 from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a major in nutrition and minor in anthropology. I am a registered dietitian and received my Master and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am an Associate Professor and Extension Nutrition Specialist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences. My duties are divided 75 percent to Extension and 25 percent to research.
Extension: Planning, marketing, teaching, conducting and evaluating educational programs and materials related to nutrition, health and wellness education for adults.
Research: Conducting applied research in nutrition education and nutritional behavioral changes for adults.


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Lisa's Resources

Screenshot of the website Food Website

Food Website

The Food website houses information on food, fitness and recipes, educational resources, food safety and preservation, local foods, and youth/4-H as well as links to the Nutrition Education Program, Food Allergy Research and Resource Program, Meat Products, and the Food Processing Center.
Food and Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Food Safety | UNL Food | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

iCook 4-H Curriculum

iCook 4-H is a program about cooking, eating and playing together for 9-10 year old youth and the adult who prepares their meals. It is designed for out-of-school settings with the goal of promoting healthful lifestyles.

Creating Balance with Food & Fitness Curriculum

Created by a team of Extension Food and Nutrition Specialists, Educators, and Assistants, Creating Balance with Food and Fitness is a four-part lesson explosion that provides food and nutrition educators with over 25 hours of programming for adult audiences.

Social Media Toolkit for Extension Professionals

This toolkit will educate health professionals not only about “what is best practice” but also provides examples and templates regarding “how to implement” the social media best practices. Although these guidelines have been developed for the use of social media at Nebraska Extension for engaging parents/ caregivers of young children to promote healthful child development, they may be useful materials for other health professionals to reference when developing social media tools.
Screenshot of the website Healthy Bites by the Month

Healthy Bites by the Month

Healthy Bites is a newsletter that focuses on a different food, nutrition and / or health theme for each month.
Healthy Bites | UNL Food
Screenshot of the website Voices for Food

Voices for Food

The Voices for Food materials - The Food Council Creation Guide and the Food Pantry Toolkit will equip communities with tools to provide education and support in the areas of food systems, food councils, collaboration, nutrition, meal preparation, food safety, resource management, guided client-choice pantries, and cultural competency. These tools are meant to improve individual and household food security through community engagement and the use of MyChoice practices in local food pantries.
Voices For Food

Education and Academics

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