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Associate Extension Educator, Farm and Ranch Management Analyst
Irrigated Cropping Systems, Extension Educator
Entomologist Extension Specialist
Office Associate, Support Staff
Experience Coordinator, Extension Assistant
Program Areas:
Extension Educator, Lead Educator
Program Areas:
Water & Agricultural Law Specialist, Extension Specialist
4-H Youth Development Extension Educator
Program Areas:
4-H Extension Assistant
Program Areas:
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Lead Educator
Program Areas:
Extension Educator, Lead Educator
Program Areas:
4-H Extension Educator
Program Areas:
4-H Extension Educator, Lead Educator
Program Areas:



JenREESources Blog

Weekly news columns and area crop and horticultural updates are posted here.
Shared By: Jennifer Rees
Screenshot of the website Nebraska Crop Budgets

Nebraska Crop Budgets

Nebraska Crop Budgets | CropWatch
Shared By: Glennis McClure

Raising Nebraska

This 25,000 square-foot facility located in Grand Island, Nebraska, is an internationally recognized facility to help teach about your food and the families who grow it.
Shared By: Sarah Polak
Screenshot of the website Getting Started With Drones in Agriculture

Getting Started With Drones in Agriculture

A NebGuide discussing the basics of drone use in crop production.
Getting Started with Drones in Agriculture (G2296) | Nebraska Extension Publications :Nebraska Extension Publications
Shared By: Laura Thompson

Progressive Agriculture Foundation

Progressive Agriculture Foundation® is on a crusade to bring safety and health information to the farming communities who desperately need it. At the heart of this effort is the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program. This educational program provides training and resources for local communities to conduct one-day safety and health programs. Safety Days are designed to be age-appropriate, hands-on, fun, and safe for children.

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