Cropping Systems - Ag Technologies Educator, Extension Educator
Soil and Nutrient Management Specialist, Extension Specialist
Soil Health Management Extension Educator
Extension Educator – Animal Manure Management
Extension Engineer, Managerial-Professional
Extension Educator, Lead Educator
Water & Integrated Cropping Systems Extension Educator
Extension Educator, Lead Educator
Soil Environmental Chemist, Extension Specialist
Soil Health Specialist, Extension Specialist
Extension Educator
Soil Fertility/Precision Agriculture Scientist, Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist
Soils Lab Manager, Managerial-Professional


Screenshot of the website Updated Local Nebraska Soil Temperatures

Updated Local Nebraska Soil Temperatures

Find updated soil temperatures to know when to plant landscape and garden plants.
Soil Temperature Update | CropWatch
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Recycling local manure nutrients before purchasing fertilizer is key to protecting the environment. Manure can be an economic “Win”, due to its fertility value, and a soil quality “Win”, due to its organic matter. But it can also be a community risk, due to odors and pathogens. Our live educational programs, online courses, and resources provide science-based information on economically viable, environmentally sound manure handling systems that also comply with all regulations.
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Screenshot of the website Nebraska Extension: Community Environment

Nebraska Extension: Community Environment

Main source for information related to ornamental horticulture, forestry and upcoming programs for professionals and homeowners.
Horticulture, Landscape, and Environmental Systems | Nebraska
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Crop Tech Cafe

Locally focused agronomy website for Saline, Jefferson, and Gage counties
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Screenshot of the website The Plant and Soil Sciences eLibrary

The Plant and Soil Sciences eLibrary

A repository of lessons and animations on various topics related to plant and soil science.
Home - passel
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