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Extension Educator
Program Areas:
Human Sciences Program Leader; Director of Nutrition Education Program, Administration
Program Areas:
Livestock Systems Extension Educator
Program Areas:
Extension Specialist
Extension Educator
Extension Educator, Livestock Systems Program Area Leader
Program Areas:


Screenshot of the website Nebraska Drought Monitor

Nebraska Drought Monitor

The data cutoff for Drought Monitor maps is each Tuesday at 8 a.m. EDT. The maps, which are based on analysis of the data, are released each Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time.
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JenREESources Blog

Weekly news columns and area crop and horticultural updates are posted here.
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Screenshot of the website Weather Ready Nebraska

Weather Ready Nebraska

Resources to help Nebraskans deal with climate variation and extreme weather events.
Weather Ready Nebraska | Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Screenshot of the website Disaster Education

Disaster Education

This is Nebraska Extension's website focused on disaster education. The website features information for individual and families, homeowners, businesses and communities, and agriculture.
Disaster Education | Nebraska

Extension Disaster Education Network

This is the website for the Extension Disaster Education Network, a national Extension platform that features disaster education through coordination and communications, web development and maintenance, curriculum development, training, and resources development.

Central Sandhills Beef Educator on Instagram

Check out beef resources for cattle ranchers in North Central Nebraska and beyond. Usually posts daily M-F and often on weekends.
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