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Jody GreenPhD, BCE

Urban Entomologist
Extension Educator

Jody is an Extension educator with a specialty in urban entomology. Her primary focus is to develop educational programs related to structural and health-related insects such as bed bugs, head lice, ants, termites, cockroaches, fleas and the other feared and hated pests for the community. Her goals are to help people prevent and manage pests in and around their homes, minimize unnecessary pesticide use, and encourage an appreciation for beneficial insects.



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Backyard Farmer YouTube

Previously recorded and aired BYF panel shows and educational segments
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Entomology-themed podcast and show notes
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Gro Big Red Blog

Blog posts by Extension professionals focused on home and garden environments
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Douglas- Sarpy Counties Insects Page

Collection of profiles called "A Bug's Life" of the common arthropods found in Nebraska
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Screenshot of the website Tick Tago Go

Tick Tago Go

Tick Tag Go is a community-powered effort to establish baseline data on tick distributions in Nebraska. With new tick species being identified in the state, records of tick presence are critical to understanding which species are found where.
Tick Tag Go | Nebraska One Health
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