Dryland Cropping Systems Specialist, Extension Specialist
Weed Management Extension Educator
Integrated Weed Management Specialist, Extension Specialist
Extension Educator, Lead Educator
Water and Cropping Systems Extension Instructor, Extension Educator
Extension Educator
Program Areas:
State Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program Coordinator, Extension Educator
Extension Educator
Extension Educator
Nebraska Extension Water & Integrated Cropping Systems Educator, Extension Educator
Integrated Weed Management Specialist, Extension Specialist


Screenshot of the website Nebraska Extension Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic

Nebraska Extension Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic

The Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic provides plant diagnostic support for Nebraskans and to the county and area extension personnel. The P&PDC is operated by Extension and offers skilled and objective diagnostic services by professionals collaborating between the Departments of Plant Pathology, Entomology, Agronomy (Weed Science) and Horticulture. In addition to accurate diagnosis of your pest problems, you will be provided with the most current information and recommendations.
Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic | Plant Pathology | Nebraska
Screenshot of the website Nebraska Extension: Community Environment

Nebraska Extension: Community Environment

Main source for information related to ornamental horticulture, forestry and upcoming programs for professionals and homeowners.
Horticulture, Landscape, and Environmental Systems | Nebraska
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Screenshot of the website Acreage Life - Nebraska

Acreage Life - Nebraska

Information for people living outside the city limits.
Acreage Life – Nebraska – Your home outside the city limits.
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JenREESources Blog

Weekly news columns and area crop and horticultural updates are posted here.
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Screenshot of the website UNL Crop Watch

UNL Crop Watch

Nevin Lawrence - Integrated Weed Management Specialist | CropWatch
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