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Kathy Anderson oversees the adult/producer extension horse program as well as teaches Undergraduate courses in the Animal Science Department. She oversees the adult extension horse program as well as teaches Undergraduate courses in the Animal Science Department. She teachings courses in Horse Management, Horse Industry Study Tour, Equine Reproduction, and Equine Nutrition. Additionally she is the coach of the UNL Horse Judging team. An avid horse show judge; Kathy is a carded judge with the American Quarter Horse Association, American Paint Horse Association, and National Snaffle Bit Association.
She, has served as Chair of eXtension’s HorseQuest, President of the American Youth Horse Council, and is a member of AQHA’s Youth Committee.


Phone: 402-472-6414

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?"Extension Horses, Inc. will meet the educational and decision-making needs of the equine industry, allied industry partners, extension employees, and consumers by providing science-based information and learning opportunities through Internet-based initiatives." Who are we? Extension Horses, Inc. is a group of professionals from different Land Grant Universities around the country that collaborate to bring the public research-based information for educational use. We are a group of horse lover
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The national equine resource team known as eXtension Horses began collaborative work to harness the Cooperative Extension System’s best information to provide traditional and expanding clientele a source of reliable and up-to-date horse information on equine science and management. Who Are These Experts? This group of horse experts includes over 50 (and still growing) extension horse specialists from around the country including teaching and research faculty, veterinarians, and professional
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