I am the leader of the Agroecosystems Entomology Lab and have a joint appointment in both extension and research. I earned my undergraduate degree from Ohio Wesleyan University and PhD from the University of Kentucky. I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and spent two years in Minnesota before moving to North Platte. I have loved getting to know Nebraska, its people, and its insects since starting in my position in March 2014.

The Agroecosystems Entomology Lab, located at the West Central Research & Extension Center in North Platte, pursues research questions addressing the ecology and management of agricultural pests with an emphasis on practical applications for integrated pest management in field crops. Current research projects may address a variety of themes, such as food web dynamics, insect behavior, compatibility of pest control strategies (including biological control by natural enemies), and resistance management. Our research supports extension programming to develop proactive educational programs in IPM and IRM of arthropod pests of field crops grown in west central Nebraska.

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Screenshot of the website Agroecosystems Entomology Lab Website

Agroecosystems Entomology Lab Website

Website with research, extension, and personnel info for my lab group. Also includes black light trap monitoring data.
Agroecosystems Entomology Lab | Nebraska
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Department of Entomology faculty webpage

Dr. Julie Peterson | Department of Entomology
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