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Bruno P. LenaPhD

Water and Cropping Systems Assistant Extension Educator
Office: 402-563-4901

Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy (2010) and MSc and PhD degree in Agricultural System Engineering (2016). Worked two years as an Assistant Professor at Mid-West State University in Brazil. Worked for three years as a Post-Doctorate at Auburn University. Have 15+ years of experience with crop water demand, irrigation scheduling, soil moisture sensing technologies, soil-water-plant-atmosphere relations, and precision irrigation. I help producers within Platte, Boone, and Nance Counties to find the best management practices that fit their operations, increase their profitability, and reduce environmental impact. Use of soil moisture sensor-based irrigation schedule to promote irrigation best management practices. Use efficient management practices to mitigate the nitrate issues in Nebraska groundwater. Develop management plans for more resilient farming. Use high levels of interaction, such as co-learning and co-participatory extension approaches, to increase the adoption and retention of more efficient, profitable, and sustainable farming practices.



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