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Carol Larvick

Carol is a Food, Nutrition and Health Educator with Nebraska Extension.
She loves teaching others about keeping food safe as they harvest, store, cook, and preserve food. She regularly teaches restaurants, school cooks and others who serve quantity food about food safety practices. Carol also teaches nutrition classes and coordinates a community orchard.
Carol has taught and coordinated programs for the University of Nebraska in northeast Nebraska for over 30 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree from
University of Nebraska–Lincoln and a Master’s degree from Penn State.



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Food, Nutrition and Health

Information and Resources
Food and Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Food Safety | UNL Food | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
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Food Safety Resource

Look here for help on food storage, food prep and more.
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Food Preservation

Newly updated, Nebraska Extensions home food preservation page has great resources for the new and experienced food preserver.
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Food Preservation Newsletter

Want to keep up on food preservation? Sign up to receive Nebraska Extension's new food preservation newsletter. The newsletter comes out 6 times a year.
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Carol's Curriculum Vitae