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Name Title Location Phone Email  
Kathleen Anderson Extension Specialist University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-6414  
Tracy Behnken Extension Educator Washington County Extension 402-426-9455  
Ashley Benes Extension Educator Cass County Extension 402-267-2205  
Kimberly Cook Extension Educator Dundy County Extension 308-334-5666  
Karna Dam Extension Associate Dodge County Extension 402-727-2775  
Kerry Elsen Extension Assistant Buffalo County Extension 308-236-1235  
Tracy Ensor Extension Assistant Cass County Extension 402-267-2205  
Jane Esau Extension Assistant Gage County Extension 402-223-1384  
Jill Goedeken Extension Educator Platte County Extension 402-563-4901  
Jennifer Hansen Extension Educator Thurston County Extension 402-385-6041  
Rhonda Herrick Extension Educator Franklin County Extension 308-425-6277  
Elizabeth Janning Extension Educator Raising Nebraska 308-385-3967  
Lisa Karr-Lilienthal Extension Specialist University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-6458  
Stacey Keys Extension Assistant Thurston County Extension 402-385-6041  
Deb Kraenow Extension Assistant Box Butte County Extension 308-762-5616  
Steve Landon Extension Educator Adams County Extension 402-461-7209  
Mary Loftis Extension Associate Burt County Extension 402-374-2929  
Bob Meduna Extension Educator Southeast Research and Extension Center 402-624-8064  
Jim Mueller Extension Assistant Platte County Extension 402-563-4901  
Sarah Paisley Extension Educator Garden County Extension 308-772-3311  
Darci Pesek Extension Educator Jefferson County Extension 402-729-3487  
Katelyn Pleskac Extension Educator Butler County Extension 402-367-7410  
Sarah Polacek Extension Associate Madison County Extension 402-370-4040  
Katherine Potthoff Extension Educator University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-9021  
Kate Pulec Extension Assistant Lancaster County Extension 402-441-7180  
Bryan Reiling Extension Specialist University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-8960  
Monte Stauffer Extension Educator Douglas-Sarpy County Extension 402-444-7804  
Jackie Steffen Extension Educator Cedar County Extension 402-254-6821  
Bruce Treffer Extension Educator Dawson County Extension 308-324-5501  
Holli Weber Extension Assistant Clay County Extension 402-762-3644  
Thomas Weissling Extension Specialist University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-8680  
Cindy Wolverton Extension Assistant Seward County Extension 402-643-2981