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Name Title Location Phone Email  
Tracy Anderson Extension Educator Lancaster County Extension 402-441-7180  
Brenda Aufdenkamp Extension Educator Lincoln-Logan-McPherson County Extension 308-532-2683  
Bailey Carpenter Extension Assistant Pierce County Extension 402-329-4821  
Julie Crandall Extension Educator Colfax County Extension 402-352-0123  
Jody Dexter Extension Assistant Cherry County Extension 402-376-1850  
Jane Esau Extension Assistant Gage County Extension 402-223-1384  
Ashley Fenning Extension Assistant Box Butte County Extension 308-762-5616  
Sonya Glup Extension Assistant Nance County Extension 308-536-2691  
Leonardo Gonzalez Extension Educator University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-584-2261  
Jeff Hart Extension Educator University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-4743  
Kaytlyn Kennedy Extension Educator Richardson County Extension 402-245-4324  
Michelle Krehbiel Extension Specialist University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-9020  
Julia Kreikemeier Extension Educator Colfax County Extension 402-352-3821  
Cathy Raneri Extension Assistant Douglas-Sarpy County Extension 402-444-7804  
Jana Schwartz Extension Assistant Scotts Bluff County Extension 308-632-1480  
Shelly Stitt Extension Educator Seward County Extension 402-643-2981  
Tayler Wickham Extension Assistant Washington County Extension 402-426-9455  
Cindy Wolverton Extension Assistant Seward County Extension 402-643-2981  
Katie Zabel Managerial-Professional University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-2805