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Name Title Location Phone Email  
Angela Abts Extension Educator Dakota County Extension 402-987-2140  
Jami Ankrom Extension Assistant Richardson County Extension 402-245-4324  
Kim Bearnes Extension Educator Stanton County Extension 402-439-2231  
Megan Burda Extension Educator York County Extension 402-362-5508  
Linda Dannehl Extension Educator Phelps County Extension 308-995-4222  
Maria de Guzman Extension Specialist University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-9154  
Tracy Ensor Extension Assistant Cass County Extension 402-267-2205  
Jennifer Epp Extension Educator Garfield-Loup-Wheeler County Extension 308-346-4200  
Ashley Fenning Extension Assistant Box Butte County Extension 308-762-5616  
Carly Horstman Managerial-Professional University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-4445  
Catherine Johnston Extension Educator University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-1762  
Lisa Kaslon Extension Educator University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-584-2261  
Kaytlyn Kennedy Extension Educator Richardson County Extension 402-245-4324  
Melisa Konecky Extension Assistant Saunders County Extension 402-624-8030  
Elena Merrick Extension Educator Harlan County Extension 308-928-2119  
Philip Onwiler Extension Educator University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-9026  
Susan Pearman Extension Educator Blaine, Grant, Hooker, Thomas Counties 308-645-2267  
Colleen Peterson Extension Assistant Custer County Extension 308-872-6831  
Sarah Purcell Extension Educator Otoe County Extension 402-269-2301  
Shelly Stitt Extension Educator Seward County Extension 402-643-2981  
Michael Wolff Extension Assistant Dawson County Extension 308-324-5501  
Cindy Wolverton Extension Assistant Seward County Extension 402-643-2981